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Trail Design

Point North Land has a long history of providing expert guidance, planning, design and construction of recreational trail systems for cross country skiing, biking, horseback riding, walking, running, and hiking, along with snowmobile and ATV trials. Our clients include landowners, non-profit organizations, snowmobile and ATV clubs and local governments, as well as large and small competitive event organizers.


We'll work with you in every aspect of planning, design, and development  from the very first meeting gathering ideas to cutting the ribbon on the first day of trail use. We work with you or your group to bring out the best in the property and its features to ensure long-term sustainability, take advantage of seasonal attributes (stunning autumn views or summer shade) and maintain the natural aesthetics of your property.


Special planning is required, of course, if your trail is intended for competitive events. Depending upon the sport -- skiing, running, biking -- specific design characteristics, such as width, course length and variability of terrain, must be built in. Other considerations are spectator areas, parking, shelter and judging and timing areas. Point North Land will work with you to ensure that all requirements are met and your trail is built to specifications.


In building trails, we typically try to use what's at hand, rather than bring in foreign ground cover and surface material. This not only helps your budget, but creates a trail that looks and acts more natural. Your budget and the trail's use will also dictate how much excavation and clearing will need to be done. Ski trails intended only for winter use will require less surface preparation as an equestrian trail that gets heavy use in spring, summer and fall.


Whether you're a local club looking at the first stages of planning a trail, a government agency outsourcing trail work, or organizing a competition, give us a call. We'd love to meet with you and go over your plans!


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